Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge any setup fee or monthly rental to use the services?
No. It is FREE to register and you receive Free test credits to check our services.

Registration requires my mobile no. Is my mobile operator going to charge me any thing ?
No, your password will be sent on your registered number in order to prove your authenticity. Delivery of your message is our responsibility, so you need not to pay anything to your operator for sending SMS from our portal.

How much have I to pay to send a message?
Opening an account with us is Free. We also provide free test credits in your account to try our services. One Credit is deducted for every message your send from your account . You can re-charge your account any time when you run out of credits.

What is credit ?
1 Message of (1-160 Character) = 1 Credit. So 1 Credit is utilized to send a message to any mobile network (GSM or CDMA) in India.

How can I buy the credits? I do not even have a bank account.
You have to login to your control panel to avail this facility. After you login to your control panel you will have the option of Buy SMS credits. You can re-charge your account by purchasing credits using online (NetBanking / Credit Card) or Offline payment options. In online option, your credits are transferred immediately to your account, however in case of offline payment, credits will be transferred after realization of payment. You can also send a cheque/demand draft. If you do not have a bank account you can send us the required amount through DD. On realization of your payment your credits will be transferred to your account within 2-5 hrs. Please send a support request at support@VNDSMS.COM after you made any such transaction, mentioning your userid or registered mobile number, amount and last 3 digits of your account number if possible .

What is the validity of Credits I purchase?
You will 365 Days validity (Can be extended on request).

How many minimum credits I can buy?
You can buy minimum 100 Credits.

Is there any monthly rental or minimum charges or commitment ?
No, there are no rental or minimum monthly charges. Just purchase the credits as and when you need them.

How long does message delivery take?
The average time taken is less than 5-10 seconds! However sometimes congestion in network may cause unavoidable delay.

At time a message can be sent to how many mobile phones?
We recommend 100-500. You can try more than that.

Which are the operators in India where we can send SMS?
You can send SMS to almost any operator in India including GSM & CDMA.

Can I send messages to other countries?
Yes. (On request only)

Do I get notification when I am running low in credits?
Yes. You automatically receive an email when your account is less than 25 credits. This is a free service. You can write us at if you need any modification for your account.

Can I take a trial of your service before I buy some credits?
Yes. We can offer you some complimentary Free credits when you Register for our services.

What is a Sender ID?
Sender ID is a max of 8 digit Alpha numeric code used to send message using your company name. Due to technical restriction some CDMA operator do not accept SMS bearing Alpha numeric Sender ID. In these cases, our default GSM Sender ID will be replaced automatically with alpha numeric id. You can also create and use your GSM sender ID for sending SMS to these operators on written approval. You can create sender IDs based of SMS Package you purchase. Default Sender ID "WebSMS" is not counted in your quota. Remember this facility is available to our paid users only after due approval and verification. Note: Must send a support request to create and use your new sender ID for approval. In case of violation of the norms your account may be suspended for further use without prior notice.

Can I use this service for Marketing our products?
As per the prevailing rules you cannot use this service for mass marketing/spam. However you can use this service to push SMS to the clients who are eligible / agreed upon to receive your updates and promotions.

What format of mobile numbers to be used when I create contact list or send any message?
Just type the country code and mobile (e.g 919898123456). In case you wish to send a message to multiple mobiles, separate the number with a coma (,).

Is it mandatory to use your service after we have registered?
No, You are free to discontinue using our service whenever you wish to do so. Just send a support request or mail us at informing us about your unwillingness to continue your account.

What is security of your website?
Special attention is given to the security aspect. Password is send to registered mobile number only to prevent any misuse of this service. Your information will not be shared with any third party as per our privacy policy.

What is the protocol of sending message? Can I send anything to any one?
No, provides you the best of the technology to ensure a better, fast, reliable and secure way of communication. Using our service for sharing adult / porn content, spreading of rumor, threatening language or any purpose which is against the law or causing dissatisfaction to any one is prohibited. Violating this protocol may lead to suspension of your account without prior notification.

Some times I receive duplicate massage.
This happens in very rare circumstances. This may occur when you are on roaming, or in a very low signal belt. If you continue to face the same problem you can send a mail to

How will I come to know that my message is delivered?
We keep records of all the messages sent by you in last 24 hrs. You can login and check the status at Sent Message in report section.

I am not able to find the registration link.
Please click the link Register

I have not received my password.
Please mail us at

I have a website, can I add SMS facility to it.
Yes, we also provide http gateway for sending SMS from your website or desktop application. More ...

Do you offer any technical Support?
Our Technical support is available 24X7. For any help write us at

Can I send Long SMS or Concatenated SMS?
Yes. You can send Long SMS (Concatenated SMS) up to 459 character long. However more than 1 SMS credits to required to send concatenated SMS.

What is Toll Free SMS Service?
Toll Free SMS service is used by Webmaster to include SMS based Feedback system into their website.

I did not find my question on your FAQ list.
Kindly mail us all your queries or suggestions at We will be happy to serve you better.

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